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Ellisville Watershed

- SPC's cohort in Ellisville Watershed restoration: Friends of Ellisville Marsh

-  Ellisville Harbor State Park

Savery Pond and Other Local Ponds

- Savery Pond Real-Time Weather

Ocean River Institute Article on Savery Pond

Plymouth Ponds and Lakes Stewardship Project 
White Island Pond Conservation Alliance 

- Herring Ponds Watershed Association

- Watershed Action Alliance of Southeastern Massachusetts

- Six Ponds Improvement Association

Algal Blooms & Cyanobacteria

Massachusetts Cyanobacteria Advisories and Algae Information (including up-to-date advisories) 

- What Are Blue-Green Algae (Cyanobacteria)    (Washington Department of Ecology)

- Cyanobacteria Research  ("Cyanosite")

- USGS Field and Laboratory Guide to Freshwater Cyanobacteria Harmful Algal Blooms

- USEPA Cyanobacteria Monitoring Collaborative (citizen science)

Treatments for Ponds with Algal Blooms

- Alum Treatments to Control Phosphorus in Lakes   (Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources, 2003)

SolarBee Technology   (Medora Corporation)

SolarBees Installed on Santuit Pond    (Cape Cod Times, 2012)

- Barley Straw   (Rutgers Cooperative Extension)

- Algae Control Methods   (Washington Department of Ecology)

Homeowner Best Practices

- Septic System Maintenance    (NESC, 1995)

- Phosphorus & Onsite Wastewater Systems

Hydrology & Hydrogeology

- USGS Introductory Groundwater Publications (also see the tab labeled "overview") 

- UC Davis Groundwater Cooperative Extension (scroll down to "educational materials")

- Hydrologic Budgets for Kettle Ponds in Southeastern Massachusetts    (USGS, 2011)

- Hydrogeology and Groundwater Model of the Plymouth-Carver-Kingston- Duxbury Aquifer System    (USGS, 2009)

- Plymouth-Carver Aquifer: Geohydrology and Simulated Groundwater Flow    (USGS, 1992)

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